An amazing experience

Body and Brain Yoga happened to me at the right time – we were ready for each other. The very first class with Master Hong filled me with more energy and joy. Taking regular classes I’ve noticed that I’ve become more peaceful, active, energized, and feel much better about myself. The day when I have a class I feel good from the morning, looking forward to going to the studio.

When I started just a few months ago, I had problems with my knees, could hardly bend my legs and was in constant pain. Now I’m a happy owner of an almost healthy pair of knees and forgot about pain. Last week Master Hong took us to the “Finding True Self” 2 days workshop in Chicago.

It was an amazing experience of getting through all accumulated baggage into the core of your being, into your true self. I witnessed almost mystical transformation in people who were able to recognize, accept and put away their hates, angers, fears, doubts, shame, grief, regrets, etc. They found what they really want in their life and started loving themselves again.

I feel more in accord with life, have more joy and understanding. We learn how to elevate the level of consciousness to become LOVE, JOY and PEACE. When you have these in yourself, you can radiate and affect the whole world around you to become a better place. I highly recommend Body and Brain Yoga to everyone to become a better you.


I Found the Answers to All My Questions.

I have a beautiful life, amazing family, and a great career…everything that one could wish for. And I consider myself a very happy person. Yet still I kept wondering: What is the purpose of my life? Why was I born? What do I really want? Do I actually know myself? Do I have any special talents that could be beneficial to others?

I found the answers to all my questions when I took the Shim Sung workshop organized by Dahn Yoga Fremont Center. It was an eye opening and especially heart opening event. The experience was so powerful that it shifted my overall thinking and my point of view in many areas.

If you ever want to get to know yourself inside out and outside in, this is an event that I highly recommend. I wish that everyone could take it and discover their True selves. Our world would be an even happier and more beautiful place.

Reflection on Shim Sung Seminar

Shim Sung – IT is beautiful. A real testimony to Grandmaster Il Chi Lee’s teaching in the “The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society”.

I believe that there are only a few basic truths by which one can attain a more fruitful, peaceful, and communal existence. Shim Sung is an important gateway to this understanding, not just for the individual but how this knowledge can be applied collectively. It is an invaluable opportunity for anyone seeking to deepen Dahn practice.

The personal healing I have experienced through Dahnhak up to this point has transcended and been expanded. I gained a new level of understanding and love for the human condition, denoting an intrinsic respect for diversity and oneness in all things. With this knowledge I recognize my inner wisdom. And, with this recognition I am calm and forthright in my efforts, which gives me more energy, personal strength and a re-newed sense of faith. My eyes are open to the joys and sorrows of our humanness without fear or a desire to withdraw as a path that is more life giving and sustaining unfolds.

There are few words that can express the depth of my gratitude to everyone who helped make this experience possible either as members or professional guides. Thank you, the return of everyone’s efforts has been received ten-fold.


My Shim-Sung was…..

I am still experiencing a major peace from Shim Sung weekend. Today I look at my reflection and know that I am beautiful. Beautiful because when I close my eyes, and when I am quiet, I can experience my true self. I cannot forget the truths I discovered at Shim Sung.

Before Shim Sung, I looked in the mirror and saw that the person I project to the world is not who I am. The face I saw was torn by emotion, conflicted by thought, and confused by my behavior. The person looking back at me often seemed like a stranger. A foreign presence hung from my soul. I wanted to turn from her or change her and I spent my time unsatisfied with myself. The Shim Sung training taught me to look deep into my own eyes and into the eyes of others and to not fear what I saw. For once I did not fear embracing the truth of who I am.

I experienced myself through the 56 members that participated and with our collective energy we broke through our preconceptions and listened to a deeper wisdom.  A wisdom that felt like home.  In the presence and encouragement of others I was able to give way to my true self. As we allowed the faces our true selves to emerge, we experienced an amazing connection. Our true selves recognized one other like old friends and we realized deep within we are all part of the same beauty. For a moment we lived our world potential and this sensation has been inscribed into my core. My spirit will continue to return to this place and my mind now knows the universe as love.

The shells of my exterior world cracked off one by one in the presence of Shim Sung. I allowed Chon Ji Ki Un to reveal its nature to me and I humbled myself before its light. As I did this life made sense. We danced together like children and I laughed in disbelief. How could I have separated myself from this joy? We reunited in whispers of freedom and emerged together through cosmic energy.  have been waiting for you? my true self spoke, waiting for you to give me a chance.?


ShimSung sharing

What is joy? Or would ‘Have you felt joy in your heart before’ be a better question?
So, what is it and how can you feel it? Read on…
None of us who attended the Shimsung class in Fremont DahnYoga Center knew what was in store and we all arrived on time, curious, scared and was even prepared to learn a thing or two.
Within the first hour I got the feeling that by the time Shimsung is over I will walk out a totally new person. When it was all over i just walked over to my master and said
‘I wish I knew about Shimsung 15 years ago. My life would have been completely different’. It was an unforgettable week-end and the following Monday at work when a colleague asked me ‘how was the week-end’ as they typically do, I nodded, smiled but couldn’t describe it because it is a matter of subjective experience and cannot be described by words. My problems are still there but now I am confident I can handle and resolve them.
I wouldn’t have got this experience without the help of the staff. A bunch of sweet people…people whom I haven’t met before in my life but ready and willing to help me enjoy this great experience called Shimsung.
Now, going back to the first question, I know what it means now and I am working towards it.


What changes have you experienced since the “Shim-Sung” workshop?

I have experienced many changes. Most notably I have become calmer and find it easier to relax. I have also found the ability to bounce back from setbacks much quicker. When confronted about a project I am working on I no longer feel attacked, but merely say to myself “My work is not me”. My desire to help others improve themselves and to lift up my brothers spirits is more focused.

I have made many choices in my life to appeal to my slave-consciousness. These choices have made me who I am today for good or for bad. These choices have been productive in some senses, but they have left me mentally and spiritually unfulfilled. I realized that my current profession will not give me spiritual satisfaction. I will either need to change my profession or find that fulfillment elsewhere. As of this time I do not know what I will do. I know though, that if I have the will the means will follow. I have further developed my desire to help my fellow man. I especially want to work with children. Children are our future. A child’s innocence has always given me a sense of peace.

I don’t need drugs or psychotherapy to heal myself; I only need me and my will.

Most importantly I feel my body\mind is going through a transitional phase the week following class. It is healing itself. Though the class physically tired me; the energy that is being replaced in me is purer, lighter and more loving.

I have a stronger desire to be with people than I have had in the past. I used to think some people are bad, not trustworthy or are out to get you. I no longer think this. All people are ultimately good, they just at time do less than good things. To err is human. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake; learn from it. My mistakes are not me, but mine.

To whom did you share your experience about the workshop and what did you share?

I have not shared my experiences about the workshop with anyone that was not in attendance. What I will share is the following:

If you believe the heart speaks louder than a man’s color, this class is for you.
If you are more afraid of living than dying, this class is for you.
If you are worried you can’t give 100%; don’t worry you will.
If you want to see the world in a loving light this class is for you.
If you want to build your trust of others, this class is for you.
If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, this class is for you.
If you are saddened by recent world events, this class is for you.
If you feel helpless, this class is for you.
If you want to change the world for the good, this class is for you.
If you want to transform yourself, this class is for you.
If you want to find the ‘True-Self’ that has always been in you, this class is for you.
What did you do to make your vision come true?
I am going to regular class. When the bad habit thinking comes around I tell myself I can worry about it tomorrow. Sometimes the worry is not their tomorrow. I have many worries and bad habits that I need to work through; but I have many tomorrows. 100% every day. I am learning to relax and have fun.



My Shim Sung experience really changed my life in 2 areas.

First, I never really had a relationship with my mother.                           I remember arriving home from school and she would ask me how my day was or what I learned then would pick up a magazine or newspaper and start reading it.  When I moved to my own place she complained to my sister that I didn’t call her but when I did she complained about what she thought was going wrong in her life, she never called me (claimed she didn’t have my number no matter how many times I gave it to her).  Then she started complaining that I didn’t write to her (even though she didn’t write to me).  Every conversation was about her.

I haven’t talked to my mother for quite a long while and after my first regular class after Shim Sung, Master Kim told me to call my mother so I did when I got home.  This time my mother asked how I was, my job, home, living in New Mexico, etc. (my family lives in Maryland).  When I asked how she was she would tell me a little then ask about me.  She also apologized a few times for not writing saying she lost my address and asked for it AND my phone number.  I know she has a memory problem now days so I didn’t mind her repeating the same questions or telling her the same things I’ve told her before.  We talked for over an hour before I had to end the conversation so I could get ready for work but this experience was different from any I’ve had with my mother for quite a long time.

The second thing has to do with my job. I usually work evenings so only see one team mate for a short period of time during our shift overlap. When I walked in Monday after Shim Sung the first thing she said was “You look different. Have you lost weight?” When I told her I had an intensive weekend she asked if I worked out with weights so I told her it was a little physical but a lot mental and emotional work. When I explained it was through my yoga center she seemed to understand a little so I said I had attended a class to learn more about myself. My supervisor also asked me later how I enjoyed my “workshop” because I looked rested.

Also, my supervisor has (or had) a reputation of leaving extra supplies scattered around our work area and no matter what we said to him he never cleaned up after himself. When I reported to work Tuesday he asked me to watch the counter and assist customers for a few minutes while he put supplies away. I was so shocked to hear this that I stood where I could see him and he really did pick up after himself and organize a few projects into near piles, leaving me plenty of clear counter space and organized supplies.

I think Shim Sung allows you to completely change your attitude on a deeper level which in turn affects others around you. I always “tried” to stay positive in a negative situation, especially at work, but couldn’t hold it for long. Now I feel I have a stronger feeling of staying positive and this really does affect those around me.


My Shim Sung Experience

First & foremost Shim Sung training is fun.  It’s an opportunity to meet & engage with so many wonderful fellow members in our area on a lifelong path of self discovery & transformation.  I kept hearing that Shim Sung helps us to find our true self & my analytical mind kept trying to figure out what the masters meant by that.  What I experience in the training was a homecoming, if you will.  Through profound sharing, special interactive activities, and relaxed concentration.  I felt from deep within, a vast space of peace, acceptance, & love for myself & all humankind.  And in so doing, created a bridge between my inner self and my daily life through a clear vision.  This glimpse of bliss has helped me to stay focused on my personal healing & also remember who I am when all the ego, have to’s, & self limitations are stripped away.  For these reasons and so much more that is inexpressible, I highly recommend Shim Sung training.  After all, if you are not worth it, who is?



My Shim Sung Was…

I had so many doubts, fears—and yes—even what I would call paranoia about attending Shim Sung. But very soon after it started, I was able to see that it was all about learning to trust ourselves and open ourselves to love.

I was so amazed to feel the love and peace within me and the high energy of love surrounding us. These were feelings I thought I would never feel again. The workshop was challenging; and there was a joy in meeting those challenges while surrounded by the loving support of all the participants and the Dahn Yoga staff.

Every day I can see the results of this opening. I am happy and instead of hiding in my apartment, as I had done for the last 2 years, I am getting out in the world.

And I can see a change in how the people in my daily life respond to me as I am no longer afraid to reflect the love I see in them. And on those days when I forget that life is good, I am reminded by those silver sparkles from the celebration at the end of the weekend that came home in my clothes and hair. Suddenly they reappear in my house even though three weeks later I am sure I have vacuumed them all up!

Diane B.
Dahn Yoga, Colorado